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Who We Serve

Critical Skill Occupations

We seek out professionals working in critical infrastructure career fields often associated with high levels of occupational stress. These are people with career and family demands so intense they don't have the time, energy, or desire to micro-manage their finances.  We help them figure out what to pay attention to right now, what can wait until later, and what may not be important at all. 

Examples Include:

  • Commercial Power Generation / Green Energy
  • Air-Sea Rescue
  • Law Enforcement - Federal/SWAT/K9
  • Special Operations - DoD/Contractor 
  • UAV Operations
  • Cyber Operations
  • Commercial Aviation - ATP and ATC
  • Health Care - ER/ICU/Residents/Surgical Tech
  • Space Systems Operations

Who benefits the most from working with us?

We use the word "Growth" as an acronym to describe the type of person who gets the most value from the services we provide:

Goals.  Realize that pursuing financial goals requires commitment, money, time, and planning

Respect.  Respect the value of our work and are comfortable with paying fees to professionals

One Team.  Value the teamwork and accountability that comes from a group of professionals working together on a structured plan

Wealth.  Have positive net worth and positive net monthly cash flow

Truth.  Want the truth and facts regarding their financial situation so they can take action with confidence

Health.  Enjoy a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling lifestyle