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Tax, Legal, and Human Resources Professionals

What Can A Financial Advisor Do For Me and My Clients?

One of the most common problems you face as tax, legal, or human resources professionals is clients acting on things of a financial nature that impact your professional service area, and not informing you until it is too late.  We believe the main reason this happens boils down to one simple word:  Communication. 

What would it be like if your clients had everything relevant to their finances stored in one place, accessible from a PC or mobile device via the internet, and the information was kept current?

Would your clients to be more proactive about keeping you informed of important changes?

Would that make you and your staff more efficient

We provide our clients with access to their own personalized wealth management website.  It is called WealthLink and it allows clients to have a complete and up to date picture of all their financial assets and liabilities, and their financial plan including goals and timelines for completing them. It includes a secure online document vault for storing all their important financial, tax, legal, and employee/government benefit documents where they can be easily located and accessed anytime, especially when time critical events are taking place such as:

  • Tax filing deadlines
  • Changes in employment
  • Employee benefit open season windows and triggering events
  • Changes in legal status due to birth, marriage, divorce, death, or change of residence

With WealthLink clients can connect to all their accounts, not just the ones that we manage, to automatically update the information on the site so it remains current.

We want to be a resource of choice for our clients and all their trusted advisers. Earning your trust and confidence is every bit as important to us as that of our clients. We strive to act in our client's best interest at all times and this is something we all have in common.