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Long Term Care Planning: Paying for the Care You Get After You Leave the Hospital

Step 1:  Let's get your questions answered first. Submit them using the online form at the bottom

of this page and we'll contact you with a reply as quickly as possible.

Step 2:  Visit this link:  LTC Strategies to see a short presentation about why it is so

important for you, your parents, and grandparents to talk about this now, and put a plan in

place today to help protect the financial futures of you and your children.  Long term care planning is 

about preserving your dreams, goals, and legacies while living in dignity and having a

choice in where and how you will live when you can no longer take care of yourself.

Step 3:  Come to one of our educational presentations on Long Term Care planning. You will

learn a lot and will leave with resources in hand you can use to get started on building your

own long term care plan. 


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