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Mike Barclift ChFC®, CLU®

Mike Barclift ChFC®, CLU®

Financial Advisor

(757) 769-8740

Mission Statement: To help people get the financial resources they need, to do what they want in life, on their own terms.  

How do we do it?  We assemble a team of professionals that works well together and use the financial planning process to help our clients do three things:

1) Organize their financial information in a single, secure, easy to access place so they have a clear picture of their current situation including their cash, cash flow, and debts.

2) Crystallize their thoughts and feelings about money, turn them into tangible and realistic goals, and write them down in a financial plan to use as a guide for making informed  financial decisions moving forward.

3) Act on their financial plan to help get things done -- like paying off loans, saving for college, owning a home, and retiring when they wish and not running out money afterwards.